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About MD Claims Group

Our Claim Service Solution Is Simple: One Claim. One Team.


  • Recognize and understand emergent trends, innovations, and technologies in our industry.

  • Work closely with clients to gain understanding of their unique service requirements.

  • Solicit and examine multiple customer centric solutions enterprise wide.

  • Support an environment in which our exceptional people, knowledge creation, and adaptive capabilities can thrive.

  • Create competitive advantage by remaining customer centric, adaptable and collaborative.

We offer a comprehensive range of services provided by professionals with experience from various sides of the claim handling business. Our deep understanding of the vendor, agency, and carrier challenges allows us to respond with a forward-thinking approach. Through collaboration with our clients, innovation, and technology, we adapt quickly while adhering to the best principles and practices in claim handling.

At MD Claims Group, we believe in a “One Claim. One Team.” approach. By closely working with our clients and understanding their specific service protocols and processes, we provide daily claim service solutions that increase efficiency. Our experienced team specializes in client policies, procedures, and guidelines. Our national network allows us to provide prompt and fair claim services, ensuring a positive customer experience.

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