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Darryn Melerine, CEO, MD Claims Group


MD Claims Group is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, independent contractors, and customers’ safety. As such, we will continue to closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and follow the guidelines and protocols set forth by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Part of our daily activities include traveling and interacting closely with policyholders/service providers. MD Claims Group requires that all employees and independent contractors review the guidelines set forth by the CDC and sign the attached “Acknowledgment of Review of the CDC COVID-19 Workplace/School/Home Guidelines”. Failure to return the signed acknowledgment will result in halted future assignments being distributed. We have provided the link below as the standards and requirements of the CDC are constantly updated with the latest information available.

Please contact your manager immediately and CEASE ALL INSPECTIONS if you have or begin to experience any symptoms as outlined by the CDC.

Questions and/or concerns can be addressed by emailing We appreciate your prompt attention and cooperation during this urgent worldwide health concern.

Ricky Broom

President & COO
MD Claims Group

Darryn Melerine and Matthew Monson of Mandeville, La. traveled to Lake Charles to hand out bottled water to residents affected by Hurricane Laura.


Darryn lost his house to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and he said that experience pulled him toward Lake Charles on Saturday. Matthew said he felt a sense of “survivor’s guilt” when his own community was mostly spared by Hurricane Laura, he said. “We’re not coming home with this water, I don’t care if we have to stay till midnight.” Darryn is CEO of MD Claims Group, and Matthew runs The Monson Law Firm. Both business are located in Mandeville, LA.


Response, Performance, Production

If you are searching for an expert claims company with reliable service and response, look no further than MD Claims Group.


MD Claims Group is a reputable Louisiana-based independent adjustment firm with a track record of exceptional customer service and continued innovation. Our experienced staff and management have been servicing the insurance claims industry for over fifteen years.


Our goal is efficiency, as we consistently bring new technological innovations to the industry, reducing cycle times and eliminating redundant processes. Our customer service is unsurpassed, not only to the carriers we work with but also to policyholders.

About Us


MD Claims Group employs a seasoned professional team of adjusters,centralized claim handlers and claim managers specializing in your policies and procedures. Strategically located to deliver expeditious local service, our “One Team” philosophy ensures each claim is handled quickly and settled fairly by caring, compassionate people.

  • National Daily & Catastrophe Claims Response

  • Residential Building & Personal Property

  • Commercial Building & Personal Property

  • Large Loss

  • First & Third Party Property / Casualty

  • Liability / Auto Liability

  • Flood / Earthquake

  • Appraisal / Umpire

  • Trucking / Transportation / Heavy Equipment

  • Cargo / Inland Marine

  • Third Party Administration (TPA)

  • Claims Process Consulting

  • Salvage / Subrogation

  • Government Recovery Services

  • Quality Assurance

  • Staffing / Data Entry

  • Expert Witness

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