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About MD Claims Group

Our Claims Service Solution Is Simple: One Claim, One Team

Our “Forward Vision” concept is a company culture designed to:

  • Recognize and understand emergent trends, innovations, and technologies in our industry.

  • Work closely with clients to gain understanding of their unique service requirements.

  • Solicit and examine multiple customer centric solutions enterprise wide.

  • Support an environment in which our exceptional people, knowledge creation, and adaptive capabilities can thrive.

  • Create competitive advantage by remaining customer centric, adaptable and collaborative.

We are a company created by claim managers and adjusters with the understanding that there is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. At MD Claims Group we are united by a strong set of values, centrally focused on the unique needs of each of our clients. Our management team and adjusters draw upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients’ success in delivering exceptional claims adjusting services to each of their customers. As a dedicated supplier of claims adjusting services, we understand every client’s requirement to service their customers with a company that optimizes its technological capabilities and personnel to deliver cost effective claims adjusting and quality assurance services.

Innovation demands that we constantly look around the next corner to ensure we are providing capabilities that our customers want. Innovation, training, and economic growth are intertwined. To remain competitive on the national stage, we must ensure that each remains vigorous and healthy. More strategically stated, we are focused on game-changing innovation; keeping our existing service capabilities fresh while continuously developing capabilities for the future.

Your Company Is Unique and So Is MD Claims Group

We provide a broad base of services delivered by professionals having experience from the carrier, broker and independent side of the claims adjusting business. We build on many years of experiencing the vendor, the agency and the carrier’s ever evolving challenges and opportunities. We respond with a “Forward Vision” concept that allows MD Claims Group the freedom to rapidly adapt through collaboration with our clients, innovation and technology while remaining aligned with the best principles and practices in claim handling.

By working closely with our clients and listening to their unique service requirements, we deliver a “One Team” daily claim service solution that helps reduce costs and increase efficiency in claim handling. In addition, we are able to provide client specific quality assurance services and are ready to discuss those with you should you have any specific needs or requirements.    


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